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1 San Jose State University School of Social Work ScWk 242 Spring 2008 Lab Exercise #3: One-Way ANOVA Research Scenario You are a school social worker in a large urban high school. Students who are referred to your program have been truant and displayed other behavior or academic problems. Your program is responsible for assessing student needs, locating services based on these needs, and facilitating communication between parents, students, teachers, and other service providers at regular case conference meetings. You suspect that the level of participation at the case conference meetings by all the key people in the student’s life is related to the number of truant episodes that a student experiences in a semester. To examine this question, you randomly select 40 case files of students who have participated in the program in the previous academic year. You then conduct a case record review of the case notes from the case conferences and categorize participation level at the case conferences as: high level of participation (parents, teachers and service providers participate), medium level of participation (inconsistent participation, or some key people do not attend), and a low level of participation (most key people do not attend).
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2 Step 1: Creating the Variables You will need to create a Participant ID and two variables for this exercise: 1) Level of participation at case conferences (High, Medium, and Low). 2) Number of truant episodes in one semester 1) Directions for creating the level of participation variable: Open SPSS program, when the “SPSS for Windows” dialog box appears, click cancel. Click on “variable view” at the bottom of the screen
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Lab_x3_ANOVA_Spring_2008_SW_242 - 1 San Jose State...

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