psych 190 syl - San Jose State University Tolerance in...

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Unformatted text preview: San Jose State University Tolerance in American Culture - a Social Psychology Perspective Psych 190 - 02 Instructor: Greg Berg, Ph.D. OfFce: DMH 310 Telephone: 408-840-1273 Email: OfFce Hours: Tues. 4-6 pm, Wed. 3-4 pm, or by appointment Class Days: M W 4:30-5:45 Room: DMH 353 Prerequisites: Psych 100W, Psych 120, and senior standing Text: Lesko, W. (2006).Readings in Social Psychology (6th Ed.). Pearson ISBN: 0-205-45439-9 COURSE GOALS AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES Our course objectives are as follows: 1. to review and develop skills in understanding differing epistemologies or sources of knowledge and to critically evaluate their role in the science of human behavior 2. to focus, reFne, and provide evidence of your critical thinking skills in literature evaluation 3. to demonstrate competence in oral presentation and communication 4. to demonstrate competence in written communication by analyzing, synthesizing, and integrating existing psychology literal relevant to this topic 5. to demonstrate an integration of knowledge and skills developed across the psychology major 6. to provide evidence of skills in researching the psychology literature (including accessing electronic and print journal articles in libraries and beyond) 7. to thoughtfully apply these skills to topics of interest ASSIGNMENTS 1. Term Paper 100 points 2. Position papers (9) 90 points 3. Quizzes (9) 90 points 4. Group presentation 50 points 5. Reality check 20 points 6. Movie review 20 points 7. Various other group and class assignments 20-50 points Position Papers: On nine separate occasions, you will be responsible for contributing to and facilitating a discussion of that week ʼ s topic. Please note that your role as a discussant is a serious one. We will be looking for you to make a tangible contribution to each day ʼ s discussion. Merely posing a question or two from the reading, or providing an interesting anecdote will not sufFce. This is a key opportunity for you to develop your critical thinking and evidence based responses that are the crux of the position papers for this course. ¡or each chapter assigned for that week, you are responsible for providing a brief summary and response. We are looking for you to brie¢y summarize the major position(s) of the articles and pose your critical responses to each article (2-3 pages). The speciFcs of these writing assignments will vary from week to week and will be delineated on the day of that chapters quiz. Responses are due at the beginning of each discussion day. There are two purposes to the article responses (1) to encourage you to read thoughtfully, and (2) to provide evidence to me that you have both read and engaged (to the best of your ability) each article....
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psych 190 syl - San Jose State University Tolerance in...

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