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186 Philosophy/Business Research Paper: 3 sources minimum; any work you consult should be listed under Works Consulted. Follow MLA Format, 7 th edition. Sources should be ‘sound’ meaning scholarly. Books, journals, and professional websites are probably the best for this assignment. You may also consider Wall Street Journal and other business-trade papers or magazines. If you are not sure, ask or email the instructor. EXAMPLE
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Unformatted text preview: Works Cited Cain, Anne. Writing a Great Paper. Syracuse, New York: Sun Publishers, 2007. Print. Decker, May. There is Something Wrong with the Way I Write: Help! Chicago, Illinois: Cedar Publishers Inc., 2005. Print. Smith, Jane. How to Write a Winning Paper. New York: Public Writing Inc., 2009. Print. Works Consulted American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style. Boston: Houghton, 2005. Print....
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