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5 - Program Development - HANDOUT - Program Development...

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Program Development History of Program Development Almshouse - English pattern public assistance through taxes Colonial era - Benjamin Franklin –preventing poverty rather than just relieving it – different programs based on this shift in thinking – improving character Emergence of specialized programs like Children’s institutions, orphanages, Refuge for Juvenile Delinquents, Dorothea Dix established facilities for mentally ill and developmentally disabled. Advocacy for legislation to expand facilities at the state level Post civil war saw the establishment of larger organizations such as the YMCA, Salvation Late 1800’s saw establishment of Settlement houses such as Hull House to help new working class immigrants – English language skills, child care, better housing, job skills Thus, as demographic needs and conditions changed, as economic changes increased resources for programs, and as thinking or ideology about issues changed, we see a shift in emphasis of the social programs that were developed to help those in need The task of defining needs is not a simple one. Needs are elastic and relative, rather than static and absolute Need involves statements of values and preferences that are influenced by the existing
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5 - Program Development - HANDOUT - Program Development...

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