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Engineering Memorandum Engineering Report To: From: Date: Subject: References: Put references either in the beginning, or at the end. Number the references sequentially in the text and in this list. Follow a format for proper references (just like as used in Callister). 1.0 Introduction Sometimes the introduction is the only thing a busy person will read, so it needs to be concise and accurate. It is recommended to write the introduction after the rest of the report is written. Some things covered in a typical introduction section are: Summary; You can summarize the whole report with a couple of sentences for each part. Always do this if the report is longer than 10 pages. Purpose; Why are you doing this? Briefly describe the problem or question that started you on an investigation. Scope; Give a description of what is included, and what is not, if it is important. For example you can write: “Hardness tests were performed, but not tensile tests.” Or “This experiment examined the fracture toughness of following alloys…”Follow that up with why. Results; Give the ending of the story right up front. 2.0 Background information: Sometimes this can be combined into the Introduction section, such as if the background or purpose is already well known, simple, or if this has to be a very short report. Otherwise give a brief background so that everyone reading the report knows what is the problem. This should help the reader understand the rest of the report. 3.0 Test Procedure In this section give a brief description of sample preparation, number of samples, instruments used, or any special condition (done at high temp, done in vacuum). Here you want to answer the question “If someone wants to repeat these tests, what do they have to do?” 4.0 Test Results Depending on the report this section can be called just “
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Eng Memo template - Engineering Memorandum Engineering...

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