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JS 112- Final Study Guide and Remaining Schedule - 05-10-10 I. Announcements- Schedule- Review of Grade Breakdown- - In response to feedback here is the study guide over 1 week before the exam. I.a. Collect extra credit assignments I.b. Grade breakdown Quizzes 100 points Exam 1 100 points Exam 2 100 points Final exam 150 points Scene reports and participation 50 points Total required 500 points I.a. Remaining schedule W 05/12/10 - Outdoor Crime Scene searching, documentation, collection, laboratory analysis and reconstruction M 05/17/10 Student Led Reviews, SOTEs- Need volunteer - ALL LAB REPORTS DUE Late reports will be assessed 15 points per day late M 05/24/10 Final Exam 24 May 2010 - 1215-1430 MH 523Quiz 7 II. Final Study Guide II.a. Review All powerpoint notes II.b.*Re-read all Assigned Chapters II.c. Take notes on the notes and the chapter readings II.d.Review Exam 1 and 2, quizzes II.e. *Review all assigned URLs-eg sample handling biological evidence II.f. *Review all Hands-on activities
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