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Anthropology 160: Reconstructing Lost Civilizations FINAL Read each question carefully and fill-in the letter of the best answer on your scantron. When you are done please turn in these questions and your scantron. 1. Which subfield of anthropology is interested in studying human biological variation and evolution in past and present populations? a. Cultural anthropology b. archaeology c. sociological anthropology d. biological (physical) anthropology e. linguistic anthropology 2. The area known as Mesopotamia predominantly occupies which region of the world? a. Iraq b. China c. India d. Mexico e. Turkey 3. Which of the following was NOT associated with the Inca? a. Ritual heart removal b. Child sacrifice c. Skull deformation d. Worship of the sun e. Polytheism (belief in multiple gods) 4. What distinguishes prehistoric archaeology from historic archaeology? a. The presence of religion b. The presence of a state c. The presence of public works d. The presence of a writing system e. The presence of art 5. Which is the Mesoamerican culture known for its artifact style defined by large carved heads, were-jaguar, and perhaps has the earliest form of writing that is found on the Gulf coast of Mexico? a. Moche b. Tiwanaku c. Maya d. Olmec e. Aztec 6. __________________________ is defined as a set of learned behaviors shared by a group of people based on their common past. a. Culture b. Biological unity c. Collective unconscious d. Archaeology e. Anthropology 1
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7. ___________________________ make false claims that are not based on the scientific method. a. Archaeologists b. Pseudoscientists c. Psychiatrists d. Anthropologists e. Scientists 8. Which of the following is NOT a theory surrounding the demise of Neanderthals? a. They were bred out by modern humans b. They were killed by modern humans c. They went extinct due to changes in the climate d. They were outcompeted by modern humans e. They expanded too quickly into parts of Africa and could not adapt 9. How can grave goods tell an archaeologist if status was ascribed or achieved? a. Archaeologists can not tell how status was assigned from grave goods b. Grave goods with children indicate ascribed status c. Grave goods with children indicate achieved status d. Differences in grave goods indicate achieved status e. Gender differences in grave goods indicate ascribed status 10. ___________________________ is the scientific study of human cultural and biological variation and evolution. a. Sociology b. Anthropology c. Linguistics d. Psychology e. History 11. Archaeology is destructive. Therefore, a. Sites are sampled when they are excavated b. All archaeologists are required to prepare a museum exhibition c. Archaeologists dig quickly to minimize damage d. Archaeologists dig the entire site e. Archaeologists don’t bother with recording stratigraphy 12. Which of the following is true about mortuary analysis? a.
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FINAL_ansers - Anthropology 160 Reconstructing Lost...

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