Note 2-11-08 ch2-3

Note 2-11-08 ch2-3 - Circuit court – 11 circuit and DC...

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Note 2/11/2008 CH2 Marbury v. Madison (1803) Give power to the Judiciary branch to interpret the law. Jurisdiction – Juris (law) diction (to speck) – power of the court to hear the dispute and speak the law. In Rem – over the property Subject matter Jurisdiction Bankruptcy – federal law (federal court) Family, criminal – state law (state court) *********************************************************************** * In California our trial court level of civil or criminal trial is called superior court *********************************************************************** * State Court System Trail (in CA superior court) elected every 6 month 12 Jurors (9:3) Criminal all 12 have to agree Appellate court Supreme Court petition no juries Federal Court System District Court – job for life independence (no fear of kicking them out of the office) could get our with resign and impeachment 6 jurors and all have to agree Lots of different court with in this court (tax, drug, etc)
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Unformatted text preview: Circuit court – 11 circuit and DC and Federal Circuit US Supreme Court – 1% is heard every year – cases that have a big effect – no juries – Controversial cases – Laws that needs changes or revision Plaintiff of criminal case is people. People of city, county, state or America or government Original and Appellate Jurisdiction Original Jurisdiction – where the case started (trial) Appellate Jurisdiction – power to hear an appeal form another court Appellate court – they do not hear the facts again, only look at the law. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)-Getting the case resolved with out going to trial. -Inexpensive, fast, and more involvement of the parties-Mediation to find the solution that both parties could accept-Arbitration – another alternative to Jury trial, 3 judges deciding on the trial-Negotiation – Informal discussion of the parties CH3 Court Procedures...
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Note 2-11-08 ch2-3 - Circuit court – 11 circuit and DC...

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