Note 2-11-08 ch2-3

Note 2-11-08 ch2-3 - Circuit court 11 circuit and DC and...

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Note 2/11/2008 CH2 Marbury v. Madison (1803) Give power to the Judiciary branch to interpret the law. Jurisdiction – Juris (law) diction (to speck) – power of the court to hear the dispute and speak the law. In Rem – over the property Subject matter Jurisdiction Bankruptcy – federal law (federal court) Family, criminal – state law (state court) *********************************************************************** * In California our trial court level of civil or criminal trial is called superior court *********************************************************************** * State Court System Trail (in CA superior court) elected every 6 month 12 Jurors (9:3) Criminal all 12 have to agree Appellate court Supreme Court petition no juries Federal Court System District Court – job for life independence (no fear of kicking them out of the office) could get our with resign and impeachment 6 jurors and all have to agree Lots of different court with in this court (tax, drug, etc)
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Unformatted text preview: Circuit court 11 circuit and DC and Federal Circuit US Supreme Court 1% is heard every year cases that have a big effect no juries Controversial cases Laws that needs changes or revision Plaintiff of criminal case is people. People of city, county, state or America or government Original and Appellate Jurisdiction Original Jurisdiction where the case started (trial) Appellate Jurisdiction power to hear an appeal form another court Appellate court they do not hear the facts again, only look at the law. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)-Getting the case resolved with out going to trial. -Inexpensive, fast, and more involvement of the parties-Mediation to find the solution that both parties could accept-Arbitration another alternative to Jury trial, 3 judges deciding on the trial-Negotiation Informal discussion of the parties CH3 Court Procedures...
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Note 2-11-08 ch2-3 - Circuit court 11 circuit and DC and...

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