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Hist/Pol Sci 15,A tf Print Name (last, first) 12:00-1:15 Quiz #3 B/W Chapters 4 and 5, Gerstor' !.lalrrur ^ ^ 9 l. Define civil rights: r d\enSio.' ,f qa.ver^$,^.t \o-: {o Sec',r* f u".rlu,*s ,"[ , t5 r i \; 2-0.17.5 2. Ex post faclo laws: a. restrict bureaucrats to "the facts" fi crimin alize actionafter it occurs \-/ allow government to rule well ensure the control of factions c. d. searches conducted F keep blacks from joining unions uphold the "equal protection" doctrine nt of most Native c. d. 3. T/F Under most circumstances, the Fourth Amendment prohibits b. illegal speech d. premeditated speech 5, The impact of Plessy v. Ferguson was to a. uphold black civil rights @ unhold legal separation ofthe races
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