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MAORI - The Maori of Aotearoa Pre-Contact subsistence-fish...

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The Maori of Aotearoa Pre-Contact subsistence--fish, yams, taros, sweet potato, NZ ferns, cabbage tree. Also agave flax, and South Island Greenstone in trade. Organized in patrilineal/bilineal? hapu with chiefly rank rangatira , commoner tuatua and slave captured in warfare. Polynesian stratification ranged from intense (in Hawaii) to relaxed (in Aotearoa). Fairely fierce intergroup competition and warfare (with limited cannibalism). Mana remained a central principle, although it should be noted that man could be accrued by the acquisition of technology such as guns or literacy. Tapu resstrictions reinforced stratification. Contact issues: Noble savage--struggle between patronizing Polynesian romanticism (ala Gauguin), with overtones of adminration from those Europeans who scorned Australian Aborigines. However, traidtion of warfare among Maori created image of A savagery. @ Pakeha (named after a white turnip?) relations--Dutch, then Cook = s description, then French then English. By 1800 communities for whalers and trade with Australia. Missionaries in first
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