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222int2Describe how you would apply the micro

222int2Describe how you would apply the micro - orientation...

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Psych 222 Integration Assignment 2 Worth 10 Points Please respond to the following integration questions in no more than 3 double spaced pages using a 12 point font. Please cite at least 1 chapter or essay from your readings in each response. Your writing should be clear, accurate, and precise and reflect a deep level of analysis and understanding of the reading and course concepts. 1. Describe how you would apply the micro, macro and exo-system levels of analysis to an understanding of the concerns of one of the three client cases described in the textbook. 2. Define and describe the role that micro-aggressions play in the life of a client who is marginalized due to their race, class, culture, gender, ability or sexual
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Unformatted text preview: orientation. 3. Based on what you know so far, describe 4 ways that you would integrate a feminist/contextual assessment approach with traditional assessment methods. 4. Describe two ways you might engage a therapy client in working toward social change and why this would be therapeutic for the client. 5. By virtue of living in a stratified society, we all participate in systems of oppression. In what ways have you been a part of perpetrating systems of oppression? In what ways, have you felt victimized by such systems? Provide examples that will allow you to reflect upon and conceptualize your experiences....
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