JS 159 Lee spring 2010 send edits 012610

JS 159 Lee spring 2010 send edits 012610 - Justice...

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Justice StudiesDepartment Instructor: Dr. Steven Lee San Jose State University Office Hrs: MW 1445-1615 in office Spring 2010 Set appointment via email Class hours MW 1330-1445 to avoid waiting in line W 1615-1715 by email Room: MH 526 email: sblee999@gmail.com Steven.Lee@sjsu.edu JS 159 – Senior Seminar: Study in Contemporary Justice Issues 1 Seminar Description Identification, discussion and analysis of selected problems in justice studies. A major term paper, presentation on a selected topic and participation on written as well as in-class assignments and activities are required. The seminar will be divided into three parts: Part I. The instructor and students will lead discussions and debates on published literature and research and original research in progress (on the application of forensic DNA to specific research problems) to demonstrate the ways in which scholars identify, evaluate, analyze, review, utilize and where applicable, respond to primary and secondary sources. To facilitate seminar participants’ evaluation of sources, the first part of the class includes literature reviews, in-class writing assignments, and continuous discussions and debate. Part II. Participants will attend an individual meeting with the instructor to discuss their proposed research topics. Seminar members will also critically evaluate each other’s paper proposals. Part III. Seminar participants will present their papers and propose ways in which their research can help inform, shape, and/or change current policy on the topic that they have researched. 2 Prerequisite: Senior standing, JS 105 and JS 100W or instructor consent. Note- JS 105 is waived as a prerequisite for forensic science majors. The following is a guideline for registration priority. A current copy of transcripts, current enrollment, filled out and signed major form will be required. Additional criteria may also apply. Registration in ranked priority for: 1) Spring 10 Graduating JS Seniors meeting all the prerequisite requirements and Spring 10 graduating forensic science seniors meeting the 100W prerequisite requirements, 2) Fall 10 Graduating Seniors meeting all the pre requisite requirements and Fall 10 graduating forensic science seniors meeting the 100W prerequisite. 3) Spring 10 graduating seniors meeting requirements through a combination of prerequisites and/or co-requisites of JS 100 W and JS 105 for JS majors or co requisite of 100W for Spring 10 graduating forensic science majors. Students meeting this set of criteria are also required to submit a writing sample. 1 Sections of this syllabus have been incorporated from previous SJSU Syllabi from the following professors: Dr. Patrick Timmons, Dr. Roy Roberg, Dr. Ann Lucas and Dr. Jan Johnston with their permission. Lee sincerely appreciates their permission and assistance in developing this course syllabus. 2
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JS 159 Lee spring 2010 send edits 012610 - Justice...

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