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Math 70-Sec1 Course Syllabus

Math 70-Sec1 Course Syllabus - San Jose State University...

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San Jose State University Finite Mathematics Spring 2010 Instructor: Misako van der Poel Office: MacQuarrie Hall 439 Office Phone: 408-924-7487 Email: [email protected] Webpage: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/misako.vanderpoel/ Course: Math 70 24525 Section 1 7:30-8:45am MW DH 318 Office Hours: Monday 8:50 – 10:20am, 5:50 – 6:20pm Wednesday 8:50 – 10:20am, 5:50 – 6:20pm Prerequisites: Satisfaction of the ELM requirement Text: Finite Mathematics 11 th Edition by Barnett, Ziegler and Byleen Course Outline: Chapter Section Topic 7 2 – 4 Sets, Counting 8 1 – 5 Probability 4 1 – 6 Linear Equations, Matrices 5 1 – 3 Linear Inequalities, Linear Programming 6 1 – 3 Linear Programming 3 1 – 4 Interest Catalog Description: System of linear equations and inequalities, matrices, linear programming, set theory, probability theory, applications to business and to social sciences. trigonometric functions; analytic geometry. Course Objectives: Students are expected to understand counting principles, permutations, combinations, probability, probability distribution, expectation, conditional probability, Bayes’ formula, matrices, and their applications, solving systems of linear equations and linear inequalities, linear programming, computing interest, present and future value of annuities.
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