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NATIVE AMERICAN RESPONSES TO PROSELYTIZING RELIGIOUS CONVERSION TO EUROPEAN-AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY: • almost all Native Americans were subject to proselytizing • some converted and became thoroughly “Christianized” • EXAMPLE: there were entire Nipmuck, Pennacook and Massachusetts villages who had been converted to Puritan Protestant Christianity, known as “Praying Indians,” in Massachusetts Bay colony by the 1650s SOCIAL CONVERSION TO EUROPEAN-AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY • once it was clear to Native peoples that a) Christian people were in control of the government and economy, b) that Native rights were being stripped away by these governments and economic systems, and c) that Indians were dismissed as savages, barbarians and pagans, conversion to Christianity seemed a possible way to try to ameliorate social inequalities. This was not a particularly successful method, however, due to racism. • EXAMPLE:
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