IslamSurvey - ISLAM SURVEY Allah(God Allah speaks directly...

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ISLAM - SURVEY Allah (God) • Allah speaks directly in the Qur'an to the entire world • Allah is the same deity as the monotheistic god of the Torah and the Christian god • Allah is utterly and totally omniscient, transcendent, powerful, and singular The Qur'an is the revelation Muslims are those who submit to Allah Ummah is the name for Muslim community Islam enunciates an insistent and urgent monotheism Muhammed (570-632) • 610: begins to receive revelation of Qur'an • 622: his flight to Medina, known as Hijrah, inaugurates Muslim calender, and signals the dramatic rise and growth of Islam • 630: Muhammed re-enters Mecca in triumph • 632: he dies suddenly, without preparing for succession of his power(s) • Muhammed is only a human being - he is not a deity or an aspect of Allah Qur'an • the singular miracle in Islam • it can only be truly known in Arabic • represents the final revelation, since here Allah speaks directly • therefore Mohammed is known as the "Seal of the Prophets" • the Qur’an is organized into sura -s (word means 'step' or 'degree'), in descending order from longest to shortest • each verse is called an ayat , meaning a 'sign' • very few sura-s deal with only one subject; most leap from one concern to another. This results in a style where the infinitude of Allah informs every line and thought, so that the whole theology is present in each part, and yet there is never a technical systematic presentation of the underlying philosophy. • The Qur'an is recited and memorized, and there are many books of commentary on it in the Muslim tradition.
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Hadith Accounts of the life, actions, and words of Mohammed and his closest associates, passed down as an important tradition, showing how a noble muslim life - i.e. surrender to Allah - could be lived. The hadith are accompanied by chains of corroboration, which are judged as more or less strong by legalists. The Five Pillars 1. The Shahadah, or creed: There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is His prophet. 2.
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IslamSurvey - ISLAM SURVEY Allah(God Allah speaks directly...

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