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NCTRC Certification Standards: Changes, Updates and Effective Dates The NCTRC Certification Standards serve as the official guidelines for test eligibility status and govern all requirements pertaining to certification and recertification. It is the policy of the NCTRC Board of Directors to post notice of all standard changes well in advance of effective dates. The NCTRC Board of Directors has approved the following changes to the Certification Standards. 1. Field Placement Change: Consecutive period of time during internship. Effective Date: April 2004 The standard pertaining to the required number of weeks in a field placement now reads as follows: Consecutive period of time: The field placement experience should be continuous and uninterrupted. In the case where serious illness or personal emergency causes absence or the inability to work at least 20 hours per week, no more than 2 consecutive weeks of interrupted field placement work will be accepted. Official documentation regarding extreme emergencies or severe illness, and field placement logs indicating evidence of completion of required 12 week, 480 hour requirement , must be submitted to NCTRC with the application. When a field placement is interrupted due to one of these factors, the student should immediately contact NCTRC for Alternative Field Placement Guidelines. The experience must take place at one agency site and total hours may not be split between two or
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NCTRC_Certification_Standards - NCTRC Certification...

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