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146_Extra_Creditx1x - Anthropology 146 Culture Conflict...

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Anthropology 146 – Culture & Conflict Extra Credit The following are short papers you can write for extra credit. Each paper is worth UP TO 3 points. You may earn a maximum of 6 points for this work (=2 papers). EXCEPTION: A response to the book Tracks will be worth 5 points. Indigenous Peoples Visit a website put up by a SINGLE indigenous group. In 1½ pages, summarize 1. groups identity and location (“Who We Are”) 2. key issues or threats they face to their cultural or economic survival, and 3. activities they suggest in support Please include the URL of the website(s). Starting points: Cultural Survival: www.cs.org International Work Group on Indigenous Affairs: www.iwgia.org Survival International: www.survival-international.org
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