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LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying lhis chapter, you should be able to: 1 make Sle cae for glob.l economic integGtion 2 undeEbnd the evoiution of the GATT and the WTo, including current challenges 3 d6cribe the advanbqE and digdvantags of regional 4onomic integEtion 4 understand rqional 4onomic integGtion efforts in Europe, the AmdiGs, Asia'Pacific, and Africa 5 partcrpate in hto deba€s on global and reqional @nomic inteo ratpn 6 dGW impliGtions for action GLOBAL ECONOMIC INTEGRATION Reoional economic inteqration - efforts to redu-ce trade and lnvestment baFlers wathln one reqion Global econotnic integration - efrrts to reduce trade and investment barrlers aaound the glob€ benefits - global economlc lntegratlon raises incom€s, generates lob6, and stlmulates ecdnomb growth flaws - environmental lmpact and unequal distribution of the frults from rnore trade and lnvestrRent amng the haves and have-nots h the world F il rcwn rxl rusi, conrcbN oitaRm TRADE DURING THE GREAT DEffiESSION (1929-1933, MTLLtONS 5) I ItrEf I srNermoF atoerL tconroNri INTEGMTION . PFmotE pECe by prmting bad€ and in{shEnt r Buildonli&ne in a roltilateEltrading +1em . r1i!Fules Ji€ lrrndF.l. .f si.rat!"1,r . iulesmalelileeasier;rddrsrmfi;:trorrtnpusbleioi:il;-:tcorlr:gtolriri:s . Fce tE&nfd ifvesirertrnsgrn.omesind stimliate elon.rnLc gcr'i| General Agreement on Tarifrs and Trade (GATT) >Bretton woods @nference lntroduced the idea for an organization to regulate trade as part of a larger plan for economk recovery after World War II >GATfs rnain objectlve nas reduction of barrlers to internatlonal trad€ through reductlon of tariff barriers, quantitative restrffilons and subgldles on trade through a series of agre€rnents. >GATT w6 a treaty, not an organlzation >The functions of the GATT were taken over by the World Trade organization (WTO) whlch was establbhed during the final round of n€gotlatlom ln the early 1990s
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World Trade Organization (WTO) >World Trade Organizatlon (WTo) ts the only global lnternational organzation dealing wfth the rules of trade between nations >At lts heart are the wTO agreements, negotiated and slgned by the bulk of the world's tradlnq natlons and mtlfled ln their parliaments >The goal ls to help producers of goods and seryices, exporters, and lmporters conduct their buslness World Trade Organization (wro) nondiscrimination -
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Ch8SlidesAndNotesBus187 - LEARNING OBJECTIVES After...

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