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MT1cheat - roy =NPV PV roy Short and long term int NPV=P...

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PV=C/(1+r)^n Mortgage Payoff Growing Annuity FV n =PV(1+r)^n PV=C/r(1-1/1+r)^n PV=(C/r-g)(1-(1+g/1+r)^n) Find C Balloon Payment EAR=(1+APR/k)^k-1 C=(1/r)(1-1/1+r^n) X=(P-C/r(1-1/1+r^n))(1+r)^n C=P/Ans Real Interest Delayed Inv. (Bill Clinton) Royalties (DI+Royalties) R r = r-i/1+i=r-I npv=C 0 -C 1 /1+r^n(1-1/1+r^n) PV r =C/e r -(r roy ) PV roy =PV r /1+C/e r PV
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Unformatted text preview: roy =NPV+PV roy Short and long term int. NPV=P+C/r-g Same Discount r=UK (1.01)(1.02)=r 1 C/r-g = C/r-g (1.01)(1.02)/2=r 2 Sales+COGS=GrossP NWC=Ca+Inv+Rec+(-Pay) ni+oh(Atax)+dep-capex-P =fcf +SGA+R&D+Dep=EBIT +Tax=Net income +Dep-Capex-^NWC=FCF Zerocoupon bond 1+YTM n =(FV n /P) 1/n...
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