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196e_Safety_Guidelines_012907 - 2 Use boxes/beakers and...

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JS196 e Forensic Molecular Biology- 012907 Introduction continued and General Safety and Good Laboratory Practice I. Annoncements/Assignments a. Safety modules assignment not due until weds as requested b. Readings- Bretell and Lee c. Chapter Readings Week 1: Overview of Forensic DNA typing and History of Forensic DNA Butler C1/ Inman C3&C5 Week 2: Basics of Biological Physical Evidence Butler C3/Inman C1- C2 d. Study for the Quiz II. Continue Introductory Lecture- Collect DNA source assignments and review III. Safety a. General Safety i. Laboratory Protective Gear 1. Lab coats-abide by Bio rules- no lab coats in hallway 2. Gloves 3. Goggles 4. Long pants/no sandals ii. Waste Disposal 1. No chemical waste in general garbage
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Use boxes/beakers and other waste containers 3. Gloves- wear and rewear where possible iii. Food/Drinks 1. No food and drinks during lab 2. All food/drinks should stay outside the laboratory iv. MSDS sheets v. Review sites for eyewash stations IV. Emergency Phone lists- distribute a. Earthquake safety b. Emergencies- Personal c. Proper hood use V. Pipettors 101 a. Overview of Pipettes i. Dialing in amounts on a P10, P20, P 200, P 1000 ii. Tip application iii. Filling the tip iv. Exuding the solution v. Ejecting the tip vi. Aerosol resistant tips vii. Pipettors cost as much as a 4G I pod nano viii. Testing and calibration exercise...
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196e_Safety_Guidelines_012907 - 2 Use boxes/beakers and...

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