chapter 9 - Getting Other People to Like Us 1 Factors...

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Unformatted text preview: Getting Other People to Like Us 1 Factors Associated With the Person Being Judged Attractiveness Similarity Birds of a feather flock together Opposites attract Nonverbal cues 2 Factors Associated With the Situation Proximity mere exposure anticipation of interaction Classical Conditioning Misattribution 3 Factors Associated With the Person Making the Judgement Schemas Just World Hypothesis Positivity Bias 4 How Do We Weight Information? Primacy Contrast Effects NegativeInformation Bias Priming Relevance Unusual Information Recency 5 Making Attributions Types of Attributions internal (dispositional) external (situational) Fundamental Attribution Error Factors Used distinctiveness consistency consensus 6 Managing Others' Impressions Ingratiation Selfpromotion Intimidation Exemplification Supplication 7 Rules for Writing Resumes Resumes must be physically appealing The resume cannot contain typing, spelling, or grammatical errors Resumes should make the applicant look as good as possible without lying 8 Types of Resumes Chronological Functional Psychological 9 Writing Cover Letters Salutation direct to a particular person avoid Sir or Madam for what job am I applying why am I qualified why your organization how to reach me Paragraphs Signature 10 Dear Dave, I call you that because I feel I have known you forever. Dear Mr. Todd, As Rod McKuen said so beautifully... Dear Mr. Todd, I would like to aply for the position of editoral asistent Dear Mr. Todd, My mother told me I should ... Dear Mr. Todd, The Bible tells us, "Seek and ye shall find," so I am seeking a job with your company. Dear Mr. Todd, Your company needs help and I am the one who can do it. Actual Disastrous Cover Letter Openings 11 Cover Letter Advice Keep to one page Avoid sounding desperate Avoid grammar and spelling errors Avoid officious words or phrases Don't discuss personal circumstances Tailor your letter to each company 12 ...
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