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Executive Summar38c - Executive Summary Problem 12-38 c A...

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Executive Summary Problem 12-38 c A. Problem Description This problem is to figure out the best possible shipment schedule that will have the lowest cost. The company WaySafe has 3 regional centers and 11 district warehouses. The data given is shown is kilotons so to find out the cost the kilotons should be converted to tons. This is because the shipping cost is in dollar per ton per mile. This problem also states that regional center 1 is closed and the capacity of regional center 3 is increased from 400 kilotons to 500 kilotons or 500000 tons. B. List of Methodologies / Tools Used Linear programming was used to apply the basic knowledge of the process in solving the problem. Solver program was use to find the optimal solution of the shipping schedule. This program was very useful because by inputting all the constraints, regulations and other data, the problem could be solved even after the change to the data is made. Spread Sheet was use to input data and organize the cost and display the process.
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