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Syllabus Sp 09

Syllabus Sp 09 - will be given per HW TBD TBD 5/27(7:15...

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San Jose State University Sprng2009 College of Business MWinBBC3?4 Dept. of Marketing & Decision Sciences Section l,l, BUS2 T9O: QUANTITATIVE BUSINESS ANALYSIS Instructor: Dr. David Czerwinski Office:8T553 Phone: (408) 924-3528 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M 10:30am - 12:00pm, Tu l.:00 - 4:30pm Text Book: Andersory Sweeney, & Williams, Quantitntiae Business Analysis,2006, Thomson (Paper- back version) ISBN:0324550189 Course Description: This course teaches quantitative methods used in business decision making. These methods include probability theory, decision analysis, optimization modeling, and project analysis techniques. Course Outline: Readings 1) Introduction Ch. 1 2) Probability Review Ch.z 3) Probability Distributions Ch. 3 4) Decision Analysis Ch. 4 5) Introduction to Linear Programming (LP) Ch.7 6) LP: Software Application & Sensitivity Analysis Ch. 8 7)LP: Problem Formulation Ch. 9 8) lnteger Programming (F) Ch. 11 9) Project Scheduling: PERT/CPM Ch.lz Mid-Term Exam 30% Group Project FinalExam Date Due dates
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Unformatted text preview: will be given per HW TBD TBD 5/27 (7:15 - 9:30am) o/ lo zou 20% 30% 100% 98 93 90 87 83 80 77 70 63 60 F Final will cover the material after the midterm. No makeup exam, unless you have an official medical note from a doctor. For all your exams, you are allowed to bring I sheet of notes (front and back - standard size). Following is the grading structure for this class 1,) The following link contains important university dates: http://info. sjsu.edu/web-dbgen/narr/soc-splin gy'rec-39 l .html First day of instruction: ll22 The Iast date to drop a course: 213 The last date to add a course: 2ll0 a a a Spring Break: Cesar Chavez Holiday: Last day of instruction: 3123 - 3128 3137 5173 2) Please abide by the Academic Integrity statement from Office of ]udicial Affairs: l'rttp:/ / www2.sjsu.edu /senate /S04-12.pdf 4) Please follow the procedure in the following link in case of Emergency: http: / /innvn2.sjsu.edu /police/multimedia/ep /ep-docs /2005 /sjsu-ep.doc...
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Syllabus Sp 09 - will be given per HW TBD TBD 5/27(7:15...

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