PSYC 114 - Grief and Depression

PSYC 114 - Grief and Depression - Does not accept support...

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PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Psychology of Aging Dr. Tina Camagna Possible Distinctions Between Depressive Grief and Clinical Depression Normal Grief Clinical Depression Responds to comfort and support Often openly angry Relates depressed feelings to loss experienced Can still experience moments of enjoyment in life Exhibits feelings of sadness and emptiness May have transient physical complaints Expresses guilt over some specific aspect of the loss Has temporary impact upon self-esteem
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Unformatted text preview: Does not accept support Irritable and may complain, but does not directly express anger Does not relate experiences to a particular life event Exhibits an all pervading sense of doom Projects a sense of hopelessness and chronic emptiness Has chronic physical complaints Has generalized feelings of guilt Loss of self-esteem is of greater duration Sources: American Psychiatric Association (1994) National Institute on Aging (2000)...
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