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Study notes for Quiz 3 Chapter Six: Davis Good Samaritan Paradox of the missing harm: physical, financial, and psychological Complicity theory: involved with crime Whistleblower/whistleblowing: Loyalty in the workplace Baynes Duties of care: Inheritor of large wealth, w/o care sons lost it all Sherron Watkins: VP Enron, testified… reason for SOX Sarbanes-Oxley: protects whistleblowers, federally Chapter Seven: Murphy Corporate credo: small company define and give direction Ethics programs: companywide focus on ethical issue Code of conduct: guidance by the code Ethical cultures: Chapter Eight: Paine Paine’s assessment of the effects of childcare Parental guilt A serious problem that Paine points out with child care Maitland Duties of employers Plants closings Workplace rights Chapter Nine: Masek The Doctrine of Double Effect: The act itself is not immoral The agent does not positively will the bad effect
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Unformatted text preview: The agent cannot obtain the good effect without the bad effect The good effect results at least as directly as does the bad effect The good effect is sufficiently good to offset bad effect The key feature of the doctrine (according to Masek): market decided risk, consumer w/ information they can weight the risks Providing information to consumers about potential side effects Even if it is deadly, The difference between a main result and a side effect Winter The fraction of processed foods in the U.S. which contain genetically modified organisms. 2/3 Mathios and his analysis of the diet-disease relationship fiber and cancer prevention The difference between advertisers, private industry or the government in communicating health messages. Manufactuers sell lean cuisine as healthy but not...
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Study_notes_for_Quiz_3 - The agent cannot obtain the good...

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