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Harrison--Gays, Jews greensheet f 2009

Harrison--Gays, Jews greensheet f 2009 - Harrison MUSE-1...

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Harrison MUSE--1 1 SJSU MUSE Seminar—GE Area E (JWSS 96FQ), Fall 2009 Gays, Jews, Race, and American History: Kushner’s Angels in America TTR, 10:30-11:45, Clark Hall 133 Instructor: Dr. Victoria Harrison Hours: Thurs 12-1; *by appt* Office: 563 Business Tower, 924-5547 [email protected] Peer mentor: Theresa Sweet Hours: T 12:30-2; F 11:30-1; by appt Peer Mentor Center [email protected] Peer Mentor Center is in the Academic Success Center, 1st Floor of Clark Hall http://www.sjsu.edu/muse/peermentor Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am to 4pm.; F 10am to 1pm; Tues 6 to 8pm (in CVB) All PMC Services are free for SJSU students - no appointment necessary! Since the PMC is drop-in only, Theresa can't guarantee that she will be able to see you right away during PMC hours if she is helping another student. So, make an appt! Theresa and I will both expect to meet with each of you during the first two weeks of the semester. We’ll distribute an appointment schedule for these meetings on the first day of class. Course Description: This course explores the two-part Pulitzer Prize winning play, Angels in America by Tony Kushner, both as a work of literature and drama, and as a work that exposes and forces us to confront a myriad of socio/cultural, physiological, and psychological issues of our time. Letting the play be our guide, we will immerse ourselves in discussions about timely American history, race in America, religious and sexual identity confusions, AIDS, death. We should all come away with a vastly expanded understanding of this challenging material, an understanding that is both academic and personal. At the same time, students will become acclimated to the life of a university student and scholar through workshops, in-class tutorials, guest lectures, and various opportunities through which to master college-level writing. MUSE Description: Metropolitan University Scholar Experience (MUSE) courses seek for students to achieve two overarching goals: 1) to establish a strong foundation for becoming a university level student and scholar and 2) to become acclimated to both the intellectual and social activities of university life. MUSE is designed to help make your transition into college a success by helping you develop the skills and attitude needed for the intellectual engagement and challenge of in-depth university-level study. Discovery, research, critical thinking, written work, attention to the rich cultural diversity of the campus, and active discussion will be key parts of this MUSE course. Enrollment in MUSE courses is limited to a small number of students because these courses are intended to be highly interactive and allow you to easily interact with your professor and fellow students.
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Harrison MUSE--2 2 MUSE courses explore topics and issues from an interdisciplinary focus to show how interesting and important ideas can be viewed from different perspectives. In this course, you will increase your library and internet research skills, your critical
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Harrison--Gays, Jews greensheet f 2009 - Harrison MUSE-1...

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