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I.D. # 001983840 – Bus 160 – Tidbit #2 Tidbit #1: “Vancouver says strong C$ not a problem” Yahoo News, posted on 9/19/2007 at http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070920/wl_canada_nm/canada_olympics_vancouver_col;_y lt=Am9bxcjLYwxtDTxqKCtv.kRvaA8F With the Winter Olympics at Vancouver, Canada, less than 900 days away, officials are worried that Canadian dollars are rising too fast. Officials said that for the first time in over 30 years Canadian dollars are equally priced as U.S. dollars. The Reuters, who are in charge of the organization of the 2010 Winter Olympics, announced that they are not worried. Even though the price of the Canadian dollars went up, they will be able to meet the budget of the Winter Olympics of C$1.1 billion dollars. They are considering revenues from businesses around the world that will help in funding the Winter Olympics. And they are also considering that the ticket sales for the Winter Olympics will be very helpful. The Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) stated that the costs of buildings are rising
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