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163.2.Scientific Method.stud - Research & Scientific...

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Research & Scientific Method Outline 0. Intro 1. Study Design 0. Observational/Epidemiological 1. Experimental 2. Evaluation of a study 3. Reading and interpreting a study Nutrition: A very young science! 4. Scientific method is the process of gaining knowledge about the universe through the observation of measurable evidence 5. Media 6. 7. Often not put into perspective What types of research provide valid information? 8. Epidemiological research (Observational research) 2. Study large populations to find relationships between two variables, for example diet and heart disease 3. Retrospective techniques 0. Compare diets of those with heart disease to a similar group (cohort) of those without heart disease 4. Prospective techniques 1. Diets of individuals without heart disease are studied for years and then related to those who do and do not develop heart disease Epidemiological research 9. Helps scientists identify important relationships between diet
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163.2.Scientific Method.stud - Research & Scientific...

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