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Project Scope: Communicate visually of an organization, including its philosophy, culture, as well as its physical characteristics. How would you revitalize an organization’s brand identity? How would you synchronize all elements of its brand image across a line of services and geographic markets? Select one of the following organizations as your client, create and develop an array of communication materials including: A) brand identity B) C) identity style guide D) promotion item relating to the organization’s structure and mission Humane Society International UNEP–United Nations Environment Programme WFTO–World Fair Trade Organization WHO–World Health Organization WWOOF–World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms WWF–World Wildlife Fund Project Schedule:
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Unformatted text preview: 3/24 w * sjsu faculty furlough day, no class 3/29 m * spring break 3/31 w * spring break, cesar chavez day, no class 4/5 m * sjsu faculty furlough day, no class 4/7 w project 3 individual and team presentation (discovery) 4/12 m project 3A group critique (exploration) 4/14 w film-screening readings 4/19 m project 3A individual review 4/21 w project 3B individual review readings 4/26 m project 3A+B small group review 4/28 w project 3C+D individual sketch review 5/3 m project 3 group critique (refinement) 5/5 w project 3 individual review 5/10 m project 3 small group review 5/12 w project 3 small group review 5/17 m project 3 due (final crit) project 3—revitalization san jose state university / spring 2010 / dsgd 106 advanced graphic design 3 / 2 2 / 1 0 P. 18...
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