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Professor Havens BUS 131B 9 February, 2009 Industry Assignment: Chevron Corp. Chevron Corporation Products : Oil Natural Gas Lubricants The Company’s Market : Chevron’s petroleum market serves primarily the American population with 4,132 owned/leased stations around the country. It also serves 11,414 other stations not owned by the corporation. On top of the petroleum market, Chevron is also involved in the chemicals, mining, power, and technology industries. Raw Materials : Crude Oil Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Oil Sands Coal Geothermal Solar Energy Annual Sales : Chevron’s annual sales are of $80.4 Billion. Financial Stability and Industries
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Unformatted text preview: : According to Value Line’s report, Chevron’s financial stability is at an A++. The company’s main industry is petroleum, but it is also involved in the chemicals, mining, power, and technology industries. Competitors : British Petroleum (BP), ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobile Corp. Currency: Japanese Jen Date Dollars in Foreign Currency 2/2/2009 89.60 2/3/2009 89.26 2/4/2009 89.54 2/5/2009 91.45 2/6/2009 Commodity: Wheat Date Open High Low Settle 2/2/2009 565.5 571 551.75 563.75 2/3/2009 552.5 569.5 551 552.5 2/4/2009 543.75 562 538.75 542.25 2/5/2009 564 567.5 541.5 561.75 2/6/2009...
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