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Dr. Priya Raman Comm173 MW12:00 12/7/09 Family History Project Every family has a truly compelling story to tell dating as far back as the history can tell. It is fascinating to trace one’s family history in order to better understand their cultural background. Even though we may not have met many of our older generation ancestors, it is important to know where they lived and came from. Our ancestors are a defining part of our cultural heritage since through generations we have been derived from. The term culture has many definitions and interpretations depending on how it is perceived. According to Lecture One, “To summarize, culture is defined as the traditions, customs, norms, beliefs, values, and thought patterning passed down from generation to generation” (Defining Culture, 15). For the most part, I feel like my culture has been obtained through my parents. The story of my parents’ immigration from Iran to the United States plays the biggest role in shaping my self perception. My parents went through many changes in their journey which impacted my life in a great way and make me the person I am today. I am extremely thankful for my parents because if it were not for my parents, I would not be here today. My parents were both born in Iran; my mother was from the city of Gorgon, and my father was from the capital, Tehran. As far as I know and am concerned, my grandparents, great grandparents, and so on are all Persian, or Iranian. Persian is another term used to describe people who are of Iranian descent. I identify my own race based on my parents. Since my mother and father is full Persian, I identify myself as a full-blooded Iranian. 1
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Now that I have figured out that I am of Persian descent, I have managed to break down my own racial identity even further based on my parents’ life changing immigration story. It all dates back to living in Tehran in 1978. My parents were married at the time, and they were beginning to start a family. I have one older sister who born in
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family background - Dr. Priya Raman Comm173 MW12:00 12/7/09...

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