Syllabus, spring 2010

Syllabus, spring 2010 - Psychology 180 Individual Studies...

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Psychology 180: Individual Studies Phyllis Bronstein Spring Semester, 2010 Wednesdays: 6-7:15, 221 Hugh Gillis Hall Phone: 650-559-1561 OR Ruth Jacobsen Thursdays: 4:30-5:45, 347 Dudley Moorehead Hall Phone: 831-425-3113 Email: SEMINAR: ADVANCED LISTENING SKILLS What the Course Can Provide 1. Knowledge of basic listening and interpersonal helping skills; 2. Greater understanding of other people's behavior and feelings; 3. Increased awareness and skill in dealing with emotions; 4. Increased knowledge of effective ways to provide support; 5. Greater self-understanding and self-confidence; 6. Increased ability to deal effectively with problems and stress; 7. Tools for recovering from upsets and painful life events; 8. Increased effectiveness and enjoyment in various domains of your life; 8. Greater understanding of the role of gender and cultural factors in your own life; 9. Opportunity to form close, supportive connections with classmates. As you can see from this list, the opportunities are both for you as a peer mentor and for you personally. These two things are interrelated, because your ability to help another person often depends on your being able to connect with them on a human level. Thus it can be very useful to understand your own motivations, perceptions, reactions, and emotions, as a way to enhance your mentoring skills. Structure of the Course Class meetings . Class will meet once a week, in seminar format. Class meetings may include a presentation of theory and techniques; experiential exercises for you to try out various techniques; discussions about applying the theory and techniques to everyday experiences; and regular check-ins regarding your listening partnerships. At times, we will split the group in order to provide advanced training to Level 2 students. Listening partnerships
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Syllabus, spring 2010 - Psychology 180 Individual Studies...

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