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Humanities 119A, section 1 Rostankowski Antiquity Studies Fall, 2009 Mini-assignment option #1 (A reminder: a choice of two mini-assignments will be required of the choices provided over the semester; all others optional. Each worth 5% of one’s course grade.) There are several locations throughout the Rosicrucian Museum at which the abstract characteristics of personhood are mentioned, described, or depicted. The two components most often noted are the Ba and the Ka.
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Unformatted text preview: After explaining each of these concepts, find a place in the museum at which each can be found, and describe the significance of the concept in the context you have found. How does the reference to Ka and Ba in each instance exemplify or add to the standard understanding you have provided? What might be the advantages of a multi-part personhood? What might the disadvantages be? Explain. LENGTH: 2 PAGES, TYPED, DOUBLE SPACED DUE: 29 SEPTEMBER 2009...
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