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ChAD 169: Motivating Children and Adolescents in Educational Settings Research Paper Assignment The term paper allows students the opportunity to evaluate a proposed or existing educational program in terms of the motivational processes introduced in this course. Select any kind of educationally relevant program that is of interest to you: a curriculum, a counseling procedure, a self-help book, a computer program, a television program, etc. The program may have multiple purposes (e.g., entertainment, selling, promoting health, etc.), but its major purpose must be to educate children and adolescents. Choose an existing or proposed educational program (e.g bullying prevention, nutrition program, sports education) to discuss all of the following issues/themes: 1) Effects of reward use or praise 2) Effects of the program on the learner's self-efficacy 3) Approaches for involving students in their own learning (self-regulation, perceptions of control, context beliefs) 4) Effects of the program on the learner's goals and goal-setting motivation
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