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Persuasive Speech Outline - Comm 20 Persuasive Speech...

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Comm 20 Persuasive Speech Outline I. In 1986 the most disastrous and widely known nuclear accident occurred in Ukraine at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. a. This accident caused an immediate 30 deaths and spread radioactive particles miles in every direction. b. Another widely known accident was at Three Mile Island in the US. i. Here the safety systems prevented any radiation from being leaked to the surrounding environment. II. So what is nuclear energy? a. For those of you that don’t know nuclear power plants are a chemical reaction of changing Uranium to Plutonium. b. This reaction produces enough heat to boil water, which produces steam that is channeled through pipes to a turbine that produces energy. c. Nuclear energy and hydropower are the only types of energy production currently in use that produce no carbon dioxide. d. There are two types of reactors in the US, and all types of reactors are composed of 7 main parts; the fuel rods, moderator, control rods, coolant, pressure vessel, steam generator, and containment building. III. The plant is constructed so there are already a couple safety measures in place. a. The containment building is thick enough to contain even severe accidents as shown by the Three Mile Island accident, and the control rods can slow or stop the reaction. b.
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Persuasive Speech Outline - Comm 20 Persuasive Speech...

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