Homework 2A - I,Z x,S t'tl-ob Bu l?o 2o tf Plel =...

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H,',,';. L ,''b = '(L a)=.1 : 60 L vLotA\''1 t-lrt) - , 1 r,flia- Crecl'l o/1 exce( 2^_ = ,06 I II i-r0r- PettnkC - v717;7$1 Plrtc)vtc) = Q >L ,08x,L|,*ix,J
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Unformatted text preview: I ,Z- x,S t-'tl-ob Bu! l?o 2o tf Plel+) = \ 1rol. ,L ,3 '5 ?.-r-!!I) ? t+S C;l + P(+ta) P(u) Jb-,41 fult )nlnf...
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