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Exam_1_lec - EXAM l REVIEW SHEET(Chapters 1-3...

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Unformatted text preview: EXAM l - REVIEW SHEET (Chapters 1-3) CONCEPTS/IDEAS/THEORIES FROM LECTURES Definition of social psychology History of social psychology 3 Research orientations influencing social psychology Non—experimental research Advantages Disadvantages Experimental research Advantages Disadvantages Internal validity Ensuring External validity Ensuring Construct validity Ensuring Biases in research -- what they are and how to prevent Experimenter bias Demand characteristics Subject selection Social cognition approach Features Assumptions Information processing model Encoding Storage Retrieval Schemas Types Effects on processing Perseverance effect Impression Asch Central vs peripheral traits Primacy effect Meaning change or shift of meaning Anderson Averaging principle Differences between Asch & Anderson Person memory Encoding implications Retrieval Implicit personality theory Halo effects Facial expressions Heider’s common sense psychology Internal vs external attributions Stable vs unstable attributions Jones & Davis’ correspondence inference theory Analysis of non—common effects Freely chosen behavior Unexpected behavior Kelly’s covariation theory Actor attribution Entity attribution Situational attribution Distinctiveness Consistency Consensus Patterns of information needed to make attributions ...
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