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Barbara Friedenbach EDTE 215 Case Study Report October 12, 2008 Background Information I selected Jonathan as a case study student in order to study how the analysis of multiple assessments supports the design of instruction to accelerate learning of a below-level student. I currently am a Curriculum Specialist with Santa Clara Unified School District without my own classroom. I chose to collaborate with two colleagues who share a fourth grade classroom and take a keen interest improving their teaching practice. Both expressed an interest in getting feedback about how to plan instruction to meet Jonathan’s needs. Collectively we chose Jonathan as our case study student because his test STAR scores identify him as far below basic in math and English. Also Jonathan arrived at his current school last spring with limited information in his CUM. The case study offered an opportunity to get more information about his abilities and needs. Name: Jonathan School: Ponderosa Elementary School, Sunnyvale, California Age: Younger than most of his peer group Grade: 4 th Grade Assessment Dates: Pre: Reading: 9/16/08, 9/18/08, 9/19/08; Writing: 9/9/08/, 9/15/08, 9/17/08 Assessment Dates: Post: Reading: 10/16/08, 10/17/08; Writing 10/16/08, 10/17/08 Educational History Surprisingly Jonathan’s CUM file shows no evidence of a previous SST (Student Success Team) meeting in previous years, or a referral to Resource Specialist Program. Yet his test scores for both 2 nd and 3 rd grade are far below basic. From 2 nd to 3 rd grade his scores showed a significant decline of more than 25 points so his learning is trending downward. It appears that Jonathan has moved frequently and attended 5 schools during his short career. In third grade alone he attended three different schools. Perhaps his mobility and his cheerfulness and sociable demeanor have allowed him to fly beneath the radar. His report cards indicate that he was often given at standard or approaching standard scores. On the district reading PBA for spring 2008, Jonathan was scored at grade-level. There may be a significant gap between his ability to decode text and his ability to comprehend and retain what he has read. Assessment Findings Running Record: Pre-Assessment: The Wrath of Mulgarath, 95% accuracy, limited comprehension Miscue Analysis: Pre-Assessment: Science Text book, Structure 88%, Meaning 76%, No Change to Meaning 76% Post-Assessment: Science Textbook, Structure 100%, Meaning 96%, No Change to Meaning 92% Retell: Pre-Assessments: Science Textbook—got the gist of the article, used only 2 out of 8 vocabulary words, limited detail, and one detail is inaccurate. The Wrath of Mulgarath —gist of text without detail. Oral language includes no subordinate clauses and mostly simple sentences. 1
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Post-Assessment: Significantly more detail included and used some science vocabulary words Cloze: Pre-Assessment: Science Textbook—limited use of science vocabulary words and does not know the definition of at least two science vocabulary words. Able to use some transition words to start a clause, and subject verb agreement.
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