Ch3SlidesandNotesBus187 - LEARNING OBJECTIVES After...

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Unformatted text preview: LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this chapter, you should b able to: 1. Define what culture is and artlculate lts two rnaln nEnifestatbns : language and religion 2. Discuss how cultures systematlcally dlffer from each other 3. Understand the lmportance of ethlcs and ways to combat corruptbn 4. ldentify norrB ass{riated with strateqlc responses when firrns deal wfth ethlcal challenges 5. Partkipate ln three leadhg debates on cultures, thlc, and norc 6. Draw impllcations for actlon WHERE DO INFORMAL INSTITUTI'NS COME FROM? informal institutions dyl*,jh':, and norns >socially trarBmltted inforrnatlon and are part of the herltage that we call cultures, ethics, and norms Fethnocentrism - self{entered mentality within a soclety; people tend to perceive their own culture, ethics, and norms as "natural, rational, and nprally rlght" CULTURE Culture - national identity of natlon-states Prof. Geert Hofstede - conducted perhaps the most comprehensive study of how values ln the wortdace are lnfluenced by culture: \he collectlv programming of the mlnd which dlstlngulshes the rnembers of one group or category of people from another" LANGUAGE lingua franca - domlnance ofone language as a global buslness language >Enqlish-speaking countrles contribute the largest share of global output >globallzatlon calls for the use of one comrlon languag >nonnatlve spakers of English who can nEster ErEllsh lncreaslngly command a premlum ln Jobs and compensatlon >k >expatrlate ffEnager not knowlng the local language 'l mlsses a lot of cunural subtletles and can only lnteract wlth locals fluent ln Engllsh #|iFEF'f*f*il wonii peruLrnen eiiarucurcl *&[uxs$^\)H+*-...
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Ch3SlidesandNotesBus187 - LEARNING OBJECTIVES After...

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