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LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this chapter, you should b€ able to: 1. Define what culture is and artlculate lts two rnaln nEnifestatbns : language and religion 2. Discuss how cultures systematlcally dlffer from each other 3. Understand the lmportance of ethlcs and ways to combat corruptbn 4. ldentify norrB ass{riated with strateqlc responses when firrns deal wfth ethlcal challenges 5. Partkipate ln three leadhg debates on cultures, €thlc, and norc 6. Draw impllcations for actlon WHERE DO INFORMAL INSTITUTI'NS COME FROM? informal institutions dyl*,jh':, and norns >socially trarBmltted inforrnatlon and are part of the herltage that we call cultures, ethics, and norms Fethnocentrism - self{entered mentality within a soclety; people tend to perceive their own culture, ethics, and norms as "natural, rational, and nprally rlght" CULTURE Culture - national identity of natlon-states Prof. Geert Hofstede - conducted perhaps the most comprehensive study of how values ln the wortdace are lnfluenced by culture: \he collectlv€ programming of the mlnd which dlstlngulshes the rnembers of one group or category of people from another" LANGUAGE lingua franca - domlnance ofone language as a global buslness language >Enqlish-speaking countrles contribute the largest share of global output >globallzatlon calls for the use of one comrlon languag€ >nonnatlve sp€akers of English who can nEster ErEllsh lncreaslngly command a premlum ln Jobs and compensatlon >k >expatrlate ffEnager not knowlng the local language 'l mlsses a lot of cunural subtletles and can
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