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NURS 236B Phyllis M. Connolly PhD, PMHCNS-BC Grading Criteria Power Point Presentation 26 Points Provide Grading Sheet NAME: DATE: TIME: Criteria Maximum Points Achieved Points Comments Power Point posted on Blackboard in the Presentation area of Discussion Board; font at least 24 Point 1 Statement of the problem was clear 2 Change strategies were identified and used 1 2 Plan & Implementation were
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Unformatted text preview: clear 3 Budget is included and realistic 2 Project based on literature & research 3 Evaluation of project discussed in detail 3 Handout includes: outline (Power Point); abstract; reference list (Post in Presentation area) 2 Voice tone, clarity & presentation style enhanced presentation 1 Lessons learned 3 Completed in 20 30 min. 1 Peer Evaluation Average at least 4 on item #7 2 TOTAL 26...
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