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IMPORTANT REMINDER : EXAM 2 was re-scheduled. It will be on Thursday April 29 . CHILD PSYCH (PSY 102) REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM # 2 (Spring 2010) Exam will cover : Chapters 7, 8, and 9 and all relevant lectures . Exam will also cover lecture on day care . There will be 51 multiple-choice questions (1 question is for extra credit). The review information below does not cover all material to be included in the exam, but highlights the major areas . ** !** In studying terms/concepts/issues, know their meaning, how they work, and be able to recognize examples of their occurrence Know what all sources of information (chapters, lectures) have to say about the same subject matter I. Lecture on Day Care: A. Key Issues : (1) What are the characteristics of “quality” in day care? How can problems with the quality of care affect infants and children? (2) What are Jerome Kagan and Michael Rutter’s suggestions/recommendations for the beginning of day care? (3) What are Michael Rutter’s suggestions about the kind of studies we need in order to better understand the effects of day care on children? A. Terms/Concepts : protoword, vocabulary spurt, growth error, receptive and productive skills, communicative competence and pragmatics, Language Acquisition Device (LAD), morphology, phonology, semantics, syntax, phonemes, morphemes (also grammatical morphemes), holophrase, telegraphic speech, over- and underextension, overregularization, expressive and
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102EXAM2reviewsheet - IMPORTANT REMINDER: EXAM 2 was...

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