Paper Proposal - PAPER PROPOSAL The purposes of the...

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PAPER PROPOSAL The purposes of the proposal are to: Help formalize your thinking about your topic. Provide a focus for your research to know what you are looking for and working towards, making it easier to provide constructive feedback. 1. Subject of Your Paper The subject is your broad topic. For example: The lieto fine [happy ending] at the end of Francesco Cavalli’s opera La Didone (1641) 2. A Provisional Title for Your Paper This helps bring a greater focus to your topic. You may want to experiment with several different titles. Remember, your title can keep changing to reflect your research and thinking on the subject. For example: Abandoning Dido: Cutting the Happy Ending of Cavalli’s La Didone and What It Means Performing Tragedy: Why We Ignore the Lieto Fine of Cavalli’s La Didone (1641) 3. Provisional Thesis This will be the hardest part of this proposal and your paper, and will probably change as you continue to work on your topic. A thesis is a statement that requires proving, not a statement of fact or an observation. Ideally it is a complete sentence or two that explains in some detail what you expect to write about and clues the reader in on what they are about to read. You may wish to write out a thesis paragraph or two where you set up a context, and then your thesis. For example: In Virgil’s Aeneid , the Carthagianian queen Dido commits suicide after being abandoned by the Trojan hero Aeneas, but in his libretto for composer Francesco Cavalli’s opera La Didone , Gian Francesco Busenello writes a happy ending for the title character by marrying her to the Maxitani king, Iarbas (a character from an alternate version story by Junianus Justinus that also has a tragic ending). The lieto fine of La Didone —doubly so in the face of Virgil and Justinus—is well within the budding tradition of Venetian opera, yet two recent recordings of
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Paper Proposal - PAPER PROPOSAL The purposes of the...

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