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Soci 174 Essay 1 - How might the historical information you...

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Sociology 174 Sexualities Spring 2010 Essay #1 Write a three to four page essay that compares and contrasts between the ideas presented by Cancian, Seidman, Jackson (from the articles on my web page), and hooks. In what ways do the definitions of love they present (or hint at) compare and contrast? How can hooks’ argument about the confusion about what love actually is, and how it should be defined, be applied to the other authors?
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Unformatted text preview: How might the historical information you have read regarding our understanding of sexuality and love within a patriarchal context apply here? Be sure to use at least one quote from each author in your essay. Remember, there aren’t necessarily right or wrong answers, just more thoughtful and less thoughtful ones. Make yours thoughtful! This assignment is due on February 24th...
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