Final Exam Spring 2010 Section 2 Answers

Final Exam Spring 2010 Section 2 Answers - Multiple Choice...

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Multiple Choice Portion: Choose from the following: (a) Nietzsche, (b) Levinson, (c) Chernoff, (d) Goldblatt, (e) Shusterman D 1. “Deconstruction in architecture has come to be seen as a vital response to the historically necessary, but much more facile, architectural postmodernism as well as to a broadly construed notion of classical/modern architecture….As an example of an attempt to deny the privileging of one or more of the traditional aspects of architecture, consider an Eisenman project, his award- winning Guardiola House…It has windows in the floor and floors that are unlevel…” B 2 “The Cagean view of music…If there is a musical experience going on…then there is music…” The author considers this “a degenerate notion of music, which obscures more than it illuminates, and denies to music several features that I have argued are central to it, namely, sentient origin, artistic intent, and public character.” C 3. “But while certain rhythms may establish a background beat, in almost all African music there is a dominant point of repetition developed from a dominant conversation with a clearly defined alternation, a swinging back and forth from solo to chorus … Call-and-response , as this kind of arrangement is generally known to ethnomusicologists, is a major characteristic of African musical idioms.” A 4. “let us begin by viewing [these tendencies] as the separate art realms of dream and intoxication, two physiological phenomena standing toward one another in much the same
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Final Exam Spring 2010 Section 2 Answers - Multiple Choice...

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