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rr7 - homework Then I stop and think more An average...

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Tangent I realize that I should come away from Michael Moore’s Idiot Nation appalled by the way schools are run, and teacher are treated; and yes, I do find these things atrocious. However, what really sticks in my mind is that Americans spend an average of 99 hours a year reading and 1,460 hours a year watching TV. I read that and immediately did some math. That means that Americans spend almost 15 times as much time watching TV, the numbers equivocate to 4.1 days reading and 60.8 days watching TV. I find this hard to believe seeing as how I can guarantee that spend at the very least 600 hours a year reading which is about 25 days. This number still seems too small to be true, but I did an average so we’ll roll with that. This number does not take into account the time I spend reading for school or work. I don’t understand how 99 hours a year can be the average, that’s less than two hours a week! Don’t these people have
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Unformatted text preview: homework? Then I stop and think more. An average guarantees that there are people who read above and below this level. Most people I know spend far more than 99 hours a year reading. This means that there have to be people not reading at all to make up for people like me. At this point I’m going to let my optimism kick in and hope that children too young to read and really old people who were too busy working on their family farms to go to school are making up a majority of that. I’ll try to ignore the voice in my head telling me that enough people don’t fall into those categories to make up for the average being so low. The truth is that the written word is becoming less and less valued which is unfortunate since there is so much to learn from books....
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