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ME 115 -- Experiment #2: Steam Turbine Goal The goal of this lab is for you to review important thermodynamics concepts and apply them to the operation of a steam turbine. In addition, you should become familiar with the complexities of running and acquiring data for an actual energy conversion device, in this case a steam turbine. Some of you may have performed a similar web-based experiment in ME 113. This experiment will allow you to see how a real system works and will let you review these important concepts. Apparatus The experimental apparatus is in the Energy Conversion Laboratory in Room E113. The apparatus consists of a Worthington Moore single stage, impulse steam turbine. The turbine has a rated power output of 30 hp. The steam turbine apparatus utilizes process steam from the power plant located here on the campus of San Jose State University. The heat energy of the steam is first converted to velocity energy by expansion of the steam in the turbine nozzles. In an impulse turbine, the turbine is rotated by the force of the steam impinging on the moving blades. In a single stage turbine the steam expands from the initial to the final or exhaust pressure in one nozzle (or set of nozzles all working at the same pressure), and the energy is absorbed in one or more rows of revolving blades. The low-pressure steam from the turbine is then condensed and drained off. The steam turbine is instrumented with the following: Channel: Data Force Index 1: Not connected 2: P 2 Steam pressure at turbine inlet (psig) 3: P 3 Steam pressure at turbine outlet (psig) 4: T s Steam temperature at master steam supply valve ( ° F) 5: Not connected Thermocouple Switch 1: ambient temperature 2: T 2 Temperature of steam at turbine inlet ( ° F) 3: T 3 Temperature of steam at turbine outlet ( ° F) 4: T 4 Temperature of cooling water at condenser inlet ( ° F) 5: T 5 Temperature of cooling water at dynamometer outlet ( ° F) 6: T 6 Temperature of cooling at condenser outlet ( ° F) 7: T 7 Temperature of condensed steam at condenser outlet ( ° F) In addition, the following is measured: RPM Speed of the turbine in revolutions per minute
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T Torque applied to the dynamometer (ft-lbf) M CW Volumetric flow rate of cooling water in the condenser (gal/min) Lab Organization Form groups of two or three. No groups of four will be allowed. In this lab, some of the groups will take data (Task 1), while the others begin some analysis (see Task 2 instructions below). When the first set of students finish Task 1, switch tasks. After everyone is finished taking data, you can go back to take more data or examine the equipment in more detail. Task 1
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Steam turbine labprof doc - MECHANICAL AEROSPACE...

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