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Comm. 10 Music Presentation Evaluation Form Content Rating Organization E G NI P Introduction Attention Getter Related topic to audience Thesis clearly stated Thesis statement is declarative Previewed main points Body Main points clearly stated E G NI P Single declarative sentences Examples and facts to support main points Sources (J.Wood) cited during speech Delivery E G NI P Extemporaneous, did not read Stayed with allotted time Varied voice Engaged audience through effective eye contact
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Unformatted text preview: Presented part of the song itself Outline E G NI P Labeled thesis, body, conclusion, intro, topic Declarative thesis/main points, subpoints Punctuation, neat, correct symbols Reference page, cited sources in text No more than two sentences per symbol At least 2 subpoints for each main point Content: 25 Delivery: 5 Outline: 5 = 35 total...
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