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186 Final 2010 9 a.m.

186 Final 2010 9 a.m. - which it is a part.” Determine...

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186 Final/Spring 2010 Class: 186:05 9:00 a.m. DUE DATE: Tuesday, May 25 th , by 12 Noon in Professor Giddings office FOB 209. If you turn the Final in earlier, please leave it under my door. You have a number of days to complete this assignment therefore no late Finals will be accepted. It needs to be in my office by the above date and time. FORMAT: Essay. You should have an introductory paragraph stating the aim of the paper. Then, each section of your paper should answer the questions below. This essay requires at least 3 pages. Do not go over 4. Be cogent and no superfluous sentences. 1. Read the essay, “Business Ethics: On Getting to the Heart of the Matter” by Paul F. Camenisch. This essay is in the Chapter on “Corporations” in your textbook (Shaw/Barry). 2. Camenisch says, “I would argue that we can begin by asking the question of what the business sector is and claims to do, what its distinctive function is in the larger society of
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Unformatted text preview: which it is a part.” Determine how he answers the parts of this question. 3. How does Camenisch argue his position? Answer this by indicating at least 2 premises. 4. Argue for or against Camenisch’s position. If you agree, specifically state why you agree and explain. Do not just state, “I agree.” You need to say why and discuss your reasons for agreement and why his position is logical and right. If you argue against him, you need at least two premises to support your argument. You need to be specific to your points and why your points are logical and right. Make sure in either case you are clear. Use his premises and points to argue against or defend him. 5. Conclude. Your conclusion may include any pertinent comments from you as well as summarize what you did in this essay....
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