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100W Final Project Workshop The purpose of this assignment is to provide substantive feedback to your peers, as well as receive feedback you can reflect on and incorporate into your written work. This assignment will also prepare you for the final project oral presentation. Your participation is vital for a successful workshop! You will be broken into 4 groups and assigned to a workshop day. Before the workshop: You are to read the papers of all those people assigned to your group (approx. 5-7). Prior to the workshop, type a brief note to each person with the following: two questions, two positive comments, and two areas of improvement/suggestions. You will give this note to the author at the end of the workshop session. In addition, you will proofread one page of each paper and indicate patterns of error in the note.
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Unformatted text preview: You will also return the paper with your proofreading marks back to the author. At the workshop: First, the group will discuss each paper (for approx. 5-8 minutes), starting with positive comments and then moving to the areas of improvement/suggestions. The writer will then have 3-4 minutes to present the paper, speaking about the purpose, audience, challenges, and other thoughts regarding the paper. After discussing each paper, the group is to then address the entire class (and the instructor) about any revelations, questions, or concerns that emerged during this process. So, each group will need to identify a leader, a timekeeper, a referee (to keep the group on-task), and a note-taker/speaker. You will also receive your paper with the instructor’s feedback on the day of the workshop. 25 points...
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