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140-F09 WP Installment 1

140-F09 WP Installment 1 - 140 F09 WP Inst Assignment...

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INFORMATION ON CLASS WRITING REQUIREMENT AND SUBMISSION OF WRITING PORTFOLIO F 2009 OVERVIEW All Advanced General Education courses must contain a substantial writing component (minimum 3000 words). In this course, students will engage in a variety of writing assignments, in and out of class. These assignments will include practice in summarizing written work, oral presentations and small group discussions; evaluating and integrating information from varied sources; integrating alternative disciplinary conceptual frameworks and applying them to issues of sexuality in a culturally diverse and stratified nation; and reflecting upon how individual beliefs and behaviors mirror and are shaped by society, history, and culture. These writing activities will also assess basic analytic skills and demonstrate student mastery of course content, themes, and perspectives. Most of the writing activities will be based on and derived from learning activities occurring in class (small group discussions, films, guest speakers, simulations, lectures, class surveys etc.); some will be based on course readings. One assignment will require library research (see below). Specific writing topics will be assigned in class throughout the semester, generally in conjunction with particular topics or as activities occur in class. Specific writing topics will be instructor-designated. THE WRITING PORTFOLIO [ F09 ASSIGNED TOPICS for Installment 1 ARE IN YELLOW ] In addition to in-class writing, all students will submit, for assessment and feedback, a Writing Portfolio of writing assignments totaling approximately 2500-3000 words or about 10 pages of writing. Each individual writing assignment in the Portfolio will begin on a separate page and be at least one full, typed, page in length (approx. 250-300 words). Individual Portfolio Entries will come from Instructor-Assigned Topics: Writing Activities Assigned by the Instructor [3-7 topics] One library-based assignment assigned by the Instructor [see description below] Instructor-Assigned Writing Portfolio Topics I will assign topics to you at various points in the course, generally from the topics below. "Burning Issues". What do you consider the most significant issues in human sexuality today and why? Discuss the ways that “The Hug” reflects the [4] primary themes of this course. 1 PG. . Learning About Sex. Compare how you learned about sexuality with the San, as described by Shostak [Course Reader 1]. Include both similarities and differences . 1 PAGE EXCEPT SECTION 4: 2 PAGES Mukhopadhyay, Anthro/Bio/HS 140, F09, Writing Portfolio Instructions Page 1 of 5
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Learning About Sex. Interview someone one generation older than you about how they learned about sexuality (broadly defined). Compare with your own enculturation process [similarities and differences]. Is human sexual attraction "natural"? Discuss based on both class material and your own
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140-F09 WP Installment 1 - 140 F09 WP Inst Assignment...

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